Personal accounts of hikes Edit

546 KM Weblog Edit

This weblog describes, day by day, a hiker's trek along the Nakasendo.[1] Each day's post contains a list of the stations passed and statistics about the distance between the endpoints of that day's trek. Each daily report also contains a map of the trail. Unfortunately, the link to a larger, more detailed version of the map leads to a 404. This is probably the most detailed description of the trail that has been written in English.

Japan Tourist Website Edit

This site claims that the Nakasendo trails are well-marked. It implied that it is possible to hike from one end to the other. It says that old statues can be used to mark the path.

Japan Tourist Website Edit

This personal account describes trail conditions between the Tsumago and Magome posts. It says the path is about 8 km long and steep. The path is described as strenuous and woody.