Welcome to the Nakasendo Hike Information WikiaEdit

I am planning a trip along the Nakasendo trail. I'm compiling my information here.

I intend to go on an Appalachian-trail style hike from Kyoto to Tokyo or Tokyo to Kyoto by traveling the Nakasendo trail. I am on a budget, so I do not plan on staying in minushuku or ryokan inns very frequently. I will be camping outside or in temples.

A caveat emptor guide to hiking the Nakasendo TrailEdit

This wiki is an English-language guide for hiking the Nakasendo trail. The creator of the wiki started it as a convenient way to plan his trip. The information here is not authoritative: I can guarantee that there will be mistakes. Please use your best judgment rather than relying on mine.

The Nakasendo trail is poorly documented in English. Unfortunately, I cannot speak or read Japanese, so the quality of the information here will be limited. Once again, you have been warned!

Latest activityEdit

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